Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Terminology (unfortunately, there is some) …

To make it easier for you, we will make a few things clear:

  1. Website means this website
  2. Website administrators means the owners and operators of this website and any other people that may have been granted administration rights by the owners or operators.
  3. Believe it or not, there are two types of people who use this website – sellers & buyers. (Sellers come first, otherwise there would not be anything to buy!) Throughout this website, any person or organisation selling an item is called a “Photographer” (because this website is mainly for photographers to sell their photos) and any (prospective) buyer a “Visitor”. Hopefully this will make it easier to understand!

Privacy Concerns Relating To Photos

For information, refer to

for information relating to taking photos in a public place refer to

Visitors To This Website.

This website relies on cookies (see below) to operate. These will be placed on your computer to enable the correct functioning of the website as you select different options. These cookies are only of short-duration and will be deleted shortly after your web browser closes.

Other standard cookies track details of your browser, operating system. This information is only for the website administrators and will NOT be made available to any person/company/organisation/authority.

The details of any purchases made on this website are stored for up to 7 years, as required by New Zealand law. These details include:

  1. The items purchased & their prices
  2. The email address of the purchaser
  3. The email address of the purchaser
  4. Who the item was sold by
  5. The order number
  6. Any transaction data supplied by PalPal (this does NOT include any bank account or credit/debit card details)
  7. Date/time of the purchase

Photographers (Sellers)

Registration Details.

To sell an item on this website, a photographer must register his/her details. Companies can register, but the contact details of one person must be provided. A registration includes the following items:

  1. A user name, work name or trade name by which the photographer is known or wishes to be known within the website. This name will be unique, meaning that only one photographer (on this website) will be allowed to use a particular name. (The first one to register a name gets to use it!)
  2. The “real” name of the photographer
  3. Contact address
  4. Phone number
  5. Email address
  6. PayPal email address
  7. Password

Note: the above items are required. Items listed below are optional.

  1. An alternative phone number
  2. Biographical details
  3. Website address (of any personal/company website)
  4. Areas where you work

Note: All of the above items (optional & required) will be stored within the website for up to 7 years, as required by New Zealand law. Any of the above items (with the exception of the user/work/trade name cab be changed through the “Registration Update” option. Only the current registration details are retained on the website apart from those contained in website backups.)


We do NOT do spam!

However, we will send one email in each of the following situations:

  1. Whenever there is a significant change in the Terms & Conditions of this website that the administrators feel you should be made aware of
  2. For each photographer, a report of all items sold in the previous month. This report will generally be sent out in the first 3 or 4 days of the month and will only cover the period for which a registration is current.
  3. A reminder “your registration is about to expire” email around 7 days before a registration lapses.
  4. A payment is made to the PayPal account specified in the registration details
  5. If we are notified of a security breach by our hosting company (Hostmonster), we will pass on that information.
  6. The (rare) occasion when we need to contact you regarding your account or use of the website
  7. We may forward any emails (received by us) to you from any person wanting to contact you. We will not give them any details about you. (They will of course have access to whatever personal details you have made publicly available by listing your work areas.)

Website Security

Our website is hosted by Hostmonster. Their details and polices are available here.

We store the personal details that are noted elsewhere in this policy in a database which resides on their servers.

Any passwords we store (such as those for logins, events and photos,) are stored using a hashing algorithm, which means they cannot be directly read. This means that we CANNOT TELL YOU a password, because we do NOT know what it is!

If you forget your login password and click on “Forgot your password”, we will send a link to the email address that you have specified in your registration details to enable you to reset your login password.

For any other forgotten passwords, you will need to send an email to .

Contact Details.

If you have any concerns regarding any aspect of this website, you can contact the owners/operators at:


Our website address is: