Terms And Condtions

Terms & Conditions

Any individual, company or organisation using this website, whether as a seller, buyer or a visitor is required to observe the following:

The administrators of this website reserve the right to remove any item (without warning, notification or compensation) which they consider to be:

  1. violating copyright (if one exists)
  2. obscene
  3. defamatory
  4. invasive of the privacy of another person
  5. graphically violent or likely to incite imminent violence
  6. advocating or promoting terrorism
  7. offering or facilitating illegal sales of weapons
  8. racist
  9. physically threatening or intimidating
  10. intended for any illegal purpose
  11. pornography or child pornography, sexually explicit postings and/or content, rape, bestiality, violation, incest, coprophilia, drunken, pee, anorexic and other similar content
  12. unsuitable for display/sale on this website

This website is not intended for children and we do not knowingly collect data relating to children.

Any buyer making a purchase from this website must meet the legal age and other requirements to use a credit/debit card or a PayPal account.

The administrators of the website are not responsible for any loss, be it financial or otherwise, due to the unavailability of the website or the corruption, loss or theft of any item from the website. While the website administrators and Hostmonster make every effort to ensure the website is available for use, there will be short periods when the website is unavailable due to maintenance. Normally these periods will be for less than 10 minutes. For longer scheduled periods of maintenance, notification will be made of the date, time and expected duration by a banner on the website.

Any taxes or duties etc which may be due on the sales/purchases of items from this website are the responsibility of the seller/buyer. The website administrators will provide details relating to any sales or purchases which are legally requested or required by any relevant authority to that authority.

Conditions of Sale

  1. The proceeds from the sale of any item (such as photos) made through this website will be credited to the account of the photographer or other registered website user who originally uploaded (the details of) that item. If the website registration of that photographer/user has lapsed, those sale proceeds will be credited to the website owners, who will retain those proceeds even if the photographer/user later renews their registration.
  2. If a photographer has deleted his/her registration, any photos that belong to him/her that remain on the website (i.e any photos that were not deleted before the registration was deleted) become the property of the website owners, to keep or delete as they decide.
  3. The photographer (or person who has uploaded the photo or other item for sale) is responsible for paying any local/state/country taxes such as GST, VAT, state tax etc, which may result from the sale of any item through this website.


All prices on this website are in NZ$ (New Zealand Dollars).

All transactions processed on this website are in New Zealand Dollars.